According to T.C.Lightsy ...

He has been an artist all of his life, and he paints what he sees, how he sees it. It's as simple as that.

A close college friend would tell you this story...

We were in our dorm room.  Across from his bed was a huge blank wall.  One day I saw a small pencil sketch in the middle of the it.  Everyday that followed I would wake up for class, mind blown at the additions he had made. The sketches weren't random either, he was creating an epic pirate battle during the wee hours of the night.   The craziest part...when he was done, he sprayed the wall with Lysol and wiped it clean ready to move on to the next elaborate sketch.  I don't even think he took a picture. 

If you met his father he would tell you this one...

I sent him to his room as punishment for something he had done.  He was always into something.  It was too quiet.  Several hours had passed When I went to check on him.  I opened the door only to find him sitting at his desk contently sketching the image of a “squeezed lemon”.  The punishment was a bust—but I was truly amazed.


T.C.Lightsy was born in New York, New York to Charles and Pamela Lightsy.  While finding trouble came easy, his artistic abilities came naturally.

His medium of choice? Sculpture, but he often utilizes the versatility of watercolor, and oil among many others.  Always a student of art, he is humbled by his progress and relishes in all opportunities to try something new.

Trevor's occupation as an artist comes second only to his role as a father.  He would do anything for his children, and he hopes that they will follow in his footsteps by simply being exactly who they want to be.  

If writing this biography were up to Trevor it would have been much shorter. One has to imagine that what he does not put into words, he must put into his artwork.